Formati dei file comminciando per la lettera W
Estensione del file Nome completo del file
W OpenEdge Architect Source Code Format
W01 Yamaha Dog Audio Sample Format
W02 Yamaha Cat Audio Sample Format
W03 Yamaha Pig Audio Sample
W04 Yamaha Cattle Audio Sample
W05 Yamaha Horse Audio Sample
W06 Yamaha Lion Audio Sample
W07 Yamaha Elephant Audio Sample
W08 Yamaha Goat Audio Sample
W09 Yamaha Sea-lion Audio Sample
W20 Windows 2000 Related
W2A Yamaha Motif All Format
W2D Autodesk Design (Drawing) Web Format 2D
W2E Motif Rack ES Voice Editor
W2M Solo Explorer Transcription
W2P Webit
W2V Yamaha Motif Voices Format
W2W Yamaha Motif Waveforms Format
W30 Ventura Publisher Printer Font
W31 Windows 3.1 Startup
W32 WinCAPs Subtitle Format
W3D Adobe Shockwave 3D Scene Export Format
W3E Motif Rack ES Voice Editor
W3G Blizzard Warcraft III Game Replay Format
W3I Warcraft III Map Related
W3L W3launch
W3M Warcraft 3 Map Format
W3N Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Campaign Format
W3P Warcraft 3 Progress
W3U Warcraft 3 Custom Units
W3V Warcraft 3 Campaign Progress Record
W3X Blizzard Warcraft III Expansion Map Format
W3Z Blizzard Warcraft III Saved Game Format
W40 Windows 95 Backup Format
W44 DBASE Temporary
W4A Audio
W51 Corel WordPerfect 5.1 Document
W5S Winamp CDDB Database
W60 Corel WordPerfect 6.0 Document
W61 Corel WordPerfect 6.1 Document
W64 Sonic Foundry Wave-64 Format
W6BN Microsoft Word 6 For Mac Document
W6E Motif Rack ES Voice Editor
W6W Microsoft Word 6 Document
W7A Yamaha Motif ES Format
W7E Motif Rack ES Voice Editor
W7V Yamaha Motif ES Voices Format
W7W Yamaha Motif ES Waveforms
W8BN Microsoft Word 98 For Mac Document
W8E Motif Rack ES Voice Editor
W8TN Microsoft Word 98 For Mac Template
W8V Yamaha Motif ES Sample Data
W95 Windows 95 Data
W98 Microsoft Windows 98 Related Data
W9E Motif Rack ES Voice Editor
W?? Yamaha SY-series And TX16W Wave
WA! GigaStudio/GigaSampler Compressed Wave
WA0 Magix Music Studio
WA2 Wonderland Adventures Custom Game Format
WAB Microsoft Windows Address Book Format
WAC WISCO Accounts Storage
WAD Doom Wad Format
WAF Microsoft Internet Explorer For Mac Cache
WAFF IE Saved Web Page
WAG Train Simulator Wagon
WAGAME Worms Armageddon Game Replay
WAI Warcraft 3 AI Data
WAJ WinAutomation
WAL Winamp 3 Skin Format
WAND Apple GarageBand Project Format
WAP Wireless Bitmap (level 0) Image Format
WAR Java Web Archive Format
WAT IBM Voice Type Languages Map
WAV WAVe PCM Sound, Standard Windows Sound Format
WAVE WAVe PCM Sound Format
WAX Windows Media Audio Redirector Format
WA~ Microsoft Address Book
WB Apple Logic Studio WaveBurner Document
WB0 Corel Quattro Pro Spreadsheet
WB1 Corel Quattro Pro Spreadsheet Format
WB2 Corel Quattro Pro Spreadsheet Format
WB3 Corel Quattro Pro Spreadsheet Format
WB4 WindowBlinds Default Skin
WB? Corel Quattro Pro Spreadsheet
WBA WindowBlinds Desktop Visual Style
WBB WinBackup Backup Format
WBC Webshots Collection Image Format
WBCAT Microsoft Windows Backup Information Format
WBD Microsoft Works Database Format
WBDP ANSYS Workbench Project Global
WBF Microsoft Windows Batch
WBFS Nintendo Wii Backup Format System Format
WBK Microsoft Word Auto-backup Document Format
WBM Wireless Bitmap Image Format
WBMP Wireless Bitmap Image Format
WBO DataFlex Web Business Object
WBP Webshots Image
WBPJ ANSYS Workbench Project
WBPZ ANSYS Update Package
WBS WebExpress Website
WBT WinBatch Script Format
WBU Samsung PC Studio Backup
WBVERIFY Microsoft Windows Backup
WBX Webshots
WBXML WAP Binary XML Format
WBZ Webshots Image Format
WC Total Commander File Tree Info
WCAT WinCatalog Collection Format
WCD Microsoft Works Calendar Format
WCF WebEx Saved Chat Session Format
WCH Corel WordPerfect Macro Facility
WCINV-MS-P2P Windows Meeting Space
WCM Microsoft Works Communications Script Format
WCP WinDVD Creator Project Format
WCPL Webcopier Project Settings
WCST Wirecast Document
WCT WordCast Project
WCX Total Commander Plug-in
WCXF WorldCard Exchange
WCZ Chameleon Clock Wallpaper Format
WD Earth 2140-2160 Game Archive
WD0 WordExpress Document
WD1 WordExpress Document
WD2 Info Select Database
WD3 Offline Explorer Directory Index Format
WDB Microsoft Works Database Format
WDBN Microsoft World For Mac Document
WDCD Word 5 For Mac Custom Dictionary
WDD AutoCAD Electrical Description List
WDF Microsoft Windows Driver Foundation Format
WDGP Word For Mac Add-in
WDGT Apple Mac OS X Dashboard Widget
WDGTPROJ Dashcode Widget Project
WDI WINDEV Component Description
WDIC Word 5 For Mac Extension
WDK WINDEV Component
WDL World Definition Language Script
WDLL Word 6 For Mac Add-in
WDM BASINS Meteorological Database
WDN AutoCAD Electrical Project-related
WDOC WriteOnline Document
WDP Windows Media HD Photo
WDPROJ Microsoft Visual Studio Web Deployment Project
WDQ WDQ Offline Explorer Queue Format
WDR Star Wars: Tie Fighter Media
WDSEML Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Message Format
WDT WinSQL Schema Diff Template
WDV TracePlus Web Detective
WDW WINDEV Window Format
WDX Total Commander Content Plugin
WDX9 Microsoft Word For Mac Wizard
WDY WINDEV Run-time Template
WE Fifa2000 Be Game
WE? Standard Mail Archive
WEA Ecotect Weather Format
WEAP Quake 3 Id Tech 3 Game Engine Weapon Format
WEB Xara Web Document Format
WEBALLOWBLOCKLIST Windows Vista Parental Control Settings
WEBARCHIVE Apple Safari Web Archive Format
WEBARCHIVEXML Android 3.1 Browser Saved Website Format
WEBBOOKMARK Apple Safari Bookmark Format
WEBDOC Box Service Document Format
WEBHISTORY Apple Safari History Item Format
WEBINAR GoToWebinar Session
WEBINFO Visual Studio .NET
WEBLOC Apple Mac OS X Finder Internet URL
WEBM Matroska WebM Video Format
WEBOOGL Web Object Oriented Graphics Library
WEBP WebP Image
WEBPART Microsoft SharePoint Web Part
WEBPNP Web Point And Print Format
WEBSETTINGS JEE2 Web Project Settings
WEBSITE Internet Explorer 9 Pinned Site Shortcut Format
WEBTEMPLATE Apple IWeb Template Format
WEBTEST Microsoft Visual Studio Web Test
WEBTESTRESULT Microsoft Visual Studio Web Test Result
WEBTHEME Apple IWeb Theme Format
WEBZ Web Format Compressed EBook Format
WED BioWare Infinity Game Engine Graphic Display Info
WEF Exchange File System Format
WEIGHTS SAM Sequence Weights
WEM Wwise Encoded Media Audio Format
WEP EPublisher Stationery Design Project
WER Microsoft Windows Application Error Report
WET WinSQL Export Template
WF FIFA 2000 Play
WF1 EViews Work
WF4 Creo Parametric Symbol
WFB Turtle Beach WaveFront Bank Format
WFC Windows Wireless Network Settings Format
WFD Turtle Beach WaveFront Drum Set Format
WFF Dataplore Wavelet Filter
WFK Delphi
WFL Offline Design For Workflow Process
WFLOW Apple Mac OS X Automator Workflow
WFM DBASE Form Format
WFO Delphi Runimage
WFP Turtle Beach WaveFront Audio Format
WFS Microsoft Windows Installation Script
WFT GTA 4 Car Model Format
WFV DataSet Vision Query Report
WFW Windows Firewall Policy Export
WFX WinFax
WG Fifa 2000 Game
WG1 Lotus 1-2-3 Worksheet
WG2 Lotus 1-2-3 For OS/2 Worksheet
WGAMEPROFILE X-Men Origins: Wolverine Profile
WGF Widelands Game Format
WGN SWAT Wather Generator Input
WGOM CompeGPS Land Google Earth Remote Map
WGP Web Gallery Project Format
WGS Walk-Graph Segment
WGT Opera Widgets Format
WGZ S60 Web Runtime Widget Package Format
WHB Apple IPod Backup Image
WHD Hitman Game Archive
WHIRLD Unity Whirld Format
WHLP Microsoft Word For Mac Help
WHM Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War Model
WHT Microsoft NetMeeting White Board Document
WHTT WinHTTrack Project
WI Wavelet Compressed Image Format
WIA Nintendo Wii ISO Archive
WIC J Wavelet Image Codec Image Format
WICSAVEGAME World In Conflict Saved Game
WID Corel Ventura Publisher Width Table Format
WIDGET Yahoo! Widget Format
WIF Weaving Information Format
WIFF AB SCIEX Windows Interchange File Format
WII Nintendo WII Raw Disk Image Format
WIKI Wiki Markup Source
WIL WinImage Data Format
WIM Windows Imaging Format Archive Format
WIMP Microsoft Windows Icon Palette
WIN Windows Backup Format
WIN32MANIFEST Microsoft Win32 Manifest
WINCE Microsoft Windows CE Program Executable
WINCLONE Winclone Disk Image Format
WINDOWSLIVECONTACT Microsoft Live Messenger Format
WINMD Windows Runtime Metadata Output
WIP CyberScrub Privacy Suite Wipe
WIPEINFO Norton Utilities Sendto
WIPESLACK Norton Utilities Sendto
WIQ Microsoft Visual Studio Format
WIRE Wavefront Studio Wireframe
WIS InstallShield Install Help
WIT WebIdeaTree Project
WIX Xara Internal Graphics Data
WIXLIB WiX Library
WIXMST WiX Transform
WIXPROJ WiX Windows Installer XML Project
WIZ Microsoft Office Wizard Format
WIZHTML Microsoft Access HTML Template
WJ Fifa 2000 Game
WJE WinJournal Entry Format
WJF WinZip Job Format
WJR ReGet Deluxe Data Format
WK! Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet
WK1 Lotus 1-2-3 Version 2.x Spreadsheet Format
WK2 Lotus 1-2-3 Version 2 Spreadsheet Format
WK3 Lotus 1-2-3 Version 3.x Spreadsheet Format
WK4 Lotus 1-2-3 Version 4.x Spreadsheet Format
WK5 Lotus 1-2-3 Version 5 Spreadsheet Format
WKB Corel WordPerfect Document
WKE Lotus 1-2-3 Educational Version Spreadsheet Format
WKF KF Web Server Default Control
WKI Lotus 1-2-3 Version 2 Spreadsheet Format
WKP Web CEO Database Backup
WKQ Corel Quattro Pro For MS-DOS Spreadsheet
WKS Microsoft Works Spreadsheet Document Format
WKT Garmin Training Schedule
WKU Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet Format
WKZ Wingz Spreadsheet
WL WISCO Word Power Word Lists And Definitions
WL1 Wolfenstein 3D Shareware Version Format
WL3 Wolfenstein 3D Registered Version
WL6 Wolfenstein 3D Registered Version Format
WLC Microsoft Live Mesh
WLD ArcView CAD Datasets World Format
WLF Microsoft Windows Dr. Watson Log
WLG Well Logger V1
WLK Weatherlink Data
WLL Microsoft Word Add-in Format
WLM CompW Image Format
WLMP Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker Video Project Format
WLP Label Designer Format
WLS 602Tab Document
WLT Words Of Worship
WLX FileMaker Pro Plug-in
WLZ WinImage Format
WM Windows Media Audio Or Video Format
WM2D Working Model 2D Data
WM3 VisualNastran Movie
WMA Windows Media Audio
WMB 3D GameStudio Map Entity
WMC Corel WordPerfect Macro
WMD Windows Media Player Download Package
WMDB Windows Media Player Database Format
WME Microsoft Windows Media Encoder Session Profile
WMF Windows Metafile Format
WMG SecureDoc Encrypted Hard Drive Control
WMGA Web Manga Comics Document Format
WMI WorldMate Itinerary Data
WMK WebMake Documentation Source
WML Wireless Markup Language Document (WAP)
WMLC Wireless Markup Language Bytecode Document (WAP)
WMLS Wireless Markup Language Script File (WAP)
WMLSC Wireless Markup Language (WAP) Bytecode Script
WMMP Windows Movie Maker Project Format
WMN DART Pro 98 Playlist
WMO World Of Warcraft WoW Map Object
WMP Microsoft Windows Media HD Photo Format
WMR Windows Media Recorder
WMS Windows Media Player Skins
WMT WinMount Format
WMV Windows Media Video Format
WMV3 Video
WMW Likno Web Modal Windows Builder
WMX Windows Media Redirector
WMZ Windows Media Player Compressed Skins Format
WN NeXT WriteNow Text Document
WNA WIND Tunnel Assignment
WND SWAT Wind Speed Input
WNF CorelDRAW Outline Font Description
WNK Wink Screen Capture Format
WNT Soldier Of Fortune II Waypoint
WNU WIND Tunnel UMTS Measurement Data
WO DataFlex Web Object
WOA WebObjects Script Format
WOCK Route 66 For Mac
WOD Apple WebObjects Web Application Method
WOFF Web Open Font Format Package Format
WOG WAsP Obstacle Group
WOLF WOLF Document
WOLFQUEST WolfQuest Saved Game
WOO Apple WebObjects
WOP Wonderland Adventures Object Preset Format
WOR MapInfo Workspace Format
WORD MacWrite Document
WORDLIST Desktop Poet Word List Format
WORK Bibble Work Queue Format
WORKFLOW Mac OS X Automator Format
WORKSHEET BBEdit Shell Worksheet Format
WORKSPACE Adobe Applications Workspace Setting
WORLD WorldPainter Minecraft Map Format
WOS Words Of Worship Output Settings
WOT Web Of Trust Format
WOTREPLAY World Of Tanks Battle Recording Format
WOV Cakewalk SONAR Cache Clip
WOW Grave Composer Module Format
WOWPREPLAY World Of Warplanes Replay
WOWPROJ AddOn Studio For World Of Warcraft Project Format
WOWSL WOW Slider Plugin
WP WordPerfect Document Format
WP1 MODAWEC Output Data
WP2 Winplot
WP3 Microsoft Photo Story Project Format
WP4 Corel WordPerfect 4 Format
WP42 Corel WordPerfect 4 For Mac Document
WP5 WordPerfect 5 Document Format
WP50 Corel WordPerfect 5 For Mac Document
WP6 Corel WordPerfect 6 For Mac Document Format
WP7 WordPerfect 7 Document Format
WP? Corel WordPerfect Document
WPA ACT! Word Processor Document Format
WPB Windows Phone Device Manager Backup Format
WPC Microsoft Word And Write Windows 95 WordPad Format Converter Format
WPC2 Corel WordPerfect 2/3 For Mac Document
WPD Corel WordPerfect Document Format
WPD0 Corel WordPerfect 1 For Mac Document
WPD1 Corel WordPerfect 1 For Mac Document
WPD2 Corel WordPerfect 2 For Mac Document
WPD3 Corel WordPerfect 3 For Mac Document
WPE OpenCanvas Record Format
WPF Corel WordPerfect Form Format
WPG Corel WordPerfect Graphic Format
WPG2 Corel WordPerfect Image
WPH WAsP Project Format
WPJ Microsoft Works Wizard
WPK Corel WordPerfect Macro Format
WPL Microsoft Windows Media Player Playlist Format
WPM Corel WordPerfect Macro Format
WPN Schedule24 Schedule
WPO Holux MapShow Format
WPOST Microsoft Windows Live Writer Post Format
WPOSTX Microsoft Windows Live Writer Post
WPP Corel WordPerfect Color Palette Format
WPR Apple Logic Studio WaveBurner Plug-in Preset
WPRD Microsoft Word For Mac Print
WPROJ Wwise Project
WPS Microsoft Works Document Format
WPT Corel WordPerfect Document Template Format
WPW Corel WordPerfect Document Format
WPX Adobe Printer Description For Postscript Printing Format
WPZ WinAmp SkinZip
WQ! Corel Quattro Pro Compressed Spreadsheet
WQ0 Corel Quattro Pro For MS-DOS Spreadsheet
WQ1 Corel Quattro Pro For MS-DOS Spreadsheet Format
WQ2 Corel Quattro Pro For MS-DOS Spreadsheet Format
WQ? Corel Quattro Pro For MS-DOS Spreadsheet
WQL Microsoft Office
WR! Compressed Lotus Spreadsheet
WR1 Lotus Symphony Spreadsheet
WRAP ShrinkWrap MAC
WRAPPER Gnome Desktop
WRC FreeArc Archive
WRD COREX Manually Verified Word Segmentation
WRF WebEx Recording Format
WRG WAsP Resource Grid
WRI Windows Write Document Format
WRK Cakewalk Music Project Format
WRL VRML Worlds Format
WRLK Web Research Document Link
WRM WinRAdiO Memory Format
WRP Geomagic 3D Wrap Format
WRPL Widelands Saved Game Format
WRPLWGF Widelands Initial Saved Game Format
WRR WAsP Roughness Rose
WRS Corel WordPerfect Windows Printer Driver
WRZ Cosmo Player VRML Worlds
WS Microsoft Windows Script Format
WS1 WordStar For Windows 1 Document
WS2 WordStar 2000 Document
WS3 WordStar For Windows 3 Document
WS4 WordStar For Windows 4 Document
WS5 WordStar For Windows 5 Document
WS6 WordStar For Windows 6 Document
WS7 WordStar For Windows Document
WSA Corel PaintShop Photo Pro Animation Shop Workspace
WSB Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 Temporary
WSC Microsoft Windows Scripting Component Format
WSD WordStar 2000 Document
WSDD Apache Axis Web Service Deployment Descriptor (WSDD)
WSDL Microsoft Visual Studio Web Service Description Language Format
WSE Wise File Format
WSET Microsoft Word For Mac Settings
WSF Microsoft Windows Scripting Format
WSG WAsP Site Locations
WSH Microsoft Windows Scripting Host Format
WSI Wise Windows Installer Project Format
WSIL IBM Web Services Inspection Language
WSK Whisset Media Player Skin
WSL Win-Situ Data Logger
WSM Symantec Wise Package Studio Merge Module Format
WSMDI Microsoft Visual Studio Test List
WSO Sims 3 Mesh
WSP Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Solution Framework Format
WSPAK WebsitePanel Backup Format
WSR Crossword Genius
WSS Microsoft Windows Sound System
WSSP CommuniGate Custom Website Definition
WSSTYLES Microsoft Windows Vista Sidebar Style
WSV Konica Minolta SpectraMagic Data
WSW WorkShelf Theme
WSX SysEx Librarian For Mac OS X
WSYM ArchiCAD For MAC Geometric Description Language
WSZ Winamp Skin Zip Format
WT0 WordExpress Template
WT6 602Pro PC Suite Extension
WTA WinTune DLL Dynamic Link Library
WTB Win-Test Binary Log Format
WTBN Word For Mac Template
WTC Logitech Web Camera Format
WTD Grand Theft Auto IV Textures Format
WTF World Of Warcraft Server Configuration Text Format
WTFAV Watchtower Library Favourite
WTG WAsP Wind Turbine Generator
WTH ContamX Weather
WTI WebTranslateIt Configuration
WTK WinTalk URL Address
WTL Windows Test Log
WTMP Microsoft Word For Mac 5 Temporary
WTP Wink Template
WTPL WireTap Studio Library
WTPT WireTap Studio Packaged Track
WTR Microsoft Encarta Format
WTS WebPlus Template
WTT Likno Web/HTML Tooltips Builder
WTV Microsoft Windows Media Center Recorded Television Format
WTX WinTune Export Text Document Format
WUI WhatsUp Gold Network Map Polling Statistics
WUL WinUHA Language Format
WUP WhatsUp Gold Network Map
WUS WUTG Tagged Audio Format
WUSIKSND Wusik Station Multisampled Sound
WUT WUTG Editor Tag Format
WV WavPack Lossless Compressed Audio Format
WVC WawPack Lossless Compressed Audio Format Format Correction Format
WVD StarMoney Filter Zvl32
WVE DivX Movie Conversion Component Format
WVL Wavelet Bitmap Format
WVP Symantec Virtual Package Editor Virtual Software Project Format
WVX Windows Media Video Redirector Format
WVXML AudioPlayer XML Playlist
WW6 Nolo Willmaker 6 Will
WWA WebSite-Watcher Archive
WWB Corel WordPerfect Button Bar
WWCX Adobe InCopy
WWD Microsoft Works Wizards Format
WWF WWF Rant Pakk Sound Format
WWG CARE-S InfoWorks Wastewater Data
WWH WAsP Workspace
WWK Corel WordPerfect Keyboard Layout
WWL Microsoft Word Add-in
WWP Microsoft Works Wizards
WWQ SWAT Watershed Water Quality Input
WWR WAsP Resource Grid
WWS Writing With Symbols Document
WWT WinDev Page Template
WWU Wwise Work Unit Format
WX Flight Simulator Weather Format
WXD Homeworld Musc Resource Game
WXF WinSQL Scheduled Task
WXI WiX Include
WXL WiX Localization
WXMX WxMaxima Document
WXP EXP For Windows Document
WXR WxWindgets Resource
WXS Code::Blocks XML
WYC WyBuild Version Number
WYP WyBuild Definitions
WYS WyBuild Server
WYU WyBuild Update
WYZ WYZTracker Format
WZ MapleStory Game Data Archive
WZA Encryption Wizard Archive
WZCONFIG WinZip E-mail Configuration Format
WZMUL WinZip Multi-user Registration Format
WZN WhizFolders Document
WZS Microsoft Word Wizard
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