Formati dei file comminciando per la lettera F
Estensione del file Nome completo del file
F Fortran Source Format
F#+A RagTime Classic
F#+D RagTime Classic
F+DB Microsoft FoxPro Database
F01 HEC-RAS Flow
F02 HEC-RAS Flow
F04 HEC-RAS Flow
F05 HEC-RAS Flow
F06 DOS Screen Text 6 Pixels Height Font
F08 DOS Screen Text 8 Pixels Height Font
F09 DOS Screen Text 9 Pixels Height Font
F10 DOS Screen Text 10 Pixels Height Font
F11 DOS Screen Text 11 Pixels Height Font
F12 DOS Screen Text 12 Pixel Height Font
F13 Dos Screen Text 13 Pixels Height Font
F16 DOS Screen Text 16 Pixels Height Font
F2B ProntoGERBER-CONNECTION Board Database
F2F Byteworx FMEA Exported Data
F2R Farandole Linear Module Format
F32 Floating Point Raw 32-bit IEEE Data
F3D Fusion 3D Design
F3F Crazy Machines Font Data Format
F3R Farandole Blocked Linear Module Format
F4A Adobe Flash MP4 Audio Stream Format
F4B Adobe Flash MP4 Audio EBook
F4F Flash Video Fragment
F4M Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming Flash Media Manifest
F4P Adobe Flash Protected MP4 Format
F4V Adobe Flash Mp4 Format
F4X Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming Index
F64 Floating Point Raw 64-bit IEEE Data
F90 Intel Fortran 90 Language Source Format
F95 Fortran 95 Language Source Code
FA FASTA DNA Data Format
FAC Facemaker Face Format
FACE UNIX FaceSaver Bitmap Image Format
FACEFX FaceFX Actor Format
FACEFX_INGAME FaceFX In-Game Actor Format
FACT EIAS ElectricImage 3D
FACTORYPATH Eclipse Factorypath
FAD Office Attribute Database
FADEIN Fade In Screenwrite Document
FAE MS Office 97 Converter DLL
FAG Win32.AutoRun.fag
FAL Bitmap Graphics Image Header Information Q0
FAM The Sims Family
FAMILYFILE Reunion Family Format
FAN Form•Z Animation Format
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Format
FAR Farandole Composer Music Module
FAS AutoCAD Fast-load Auto LISP Format
FASTA FASTA Format DNA And Protein Sequence Alignment
FAT Zinf Theme Format
FAU Simulation Laboratory Creator Collapsed Fault List
FAV Microsoft Outlook Bar-shortcut
FAVORITE Apple IDVD Favorite
FAVORITEMETADATA Transmit For Mac Login Data Format
FAX Fax File (generic Group 3 1bit Encoded Data)
FB DR-DOS Backup
FB! FlashGet Incomplete Download
FB2 FictionBook EBook Format
FBC Family Tree Compressed Backup Format
FBD FlowBiz Workflow Designer Procedure Document
FBF Free Backup Fix Backup Format
FBG Shape Pro Ground Surface
FBI Total Annihilation Main Unit Definition
FBK Microsoft Dynamics NAV Backup Format
FBL IGO Map Format
FBM Fuzzy Bitmap Image Format
FBN ArcView Spatial Index
FBND Apple Communication Tool
FBOK Adobe FrameMaker Book
FBP WxFormBuilder Project Format
FBP7 FinalBuilder 7 Project
FBPROJ FlippingBook Photo Album Project
FBQ Trine 2 Game Archive
FBR BB FlashBack Recorded Video Format
FBRB Battlefield Bad Company 2 Game Format
FBS Fastbid
FBT ABBYY FineReader Document Options Format
FBU FEBE Firefox Add-in ZIP Format
FBV FinalBuilder Persistent Variables
FBW HP Backup Split Backup Format
FBX Autodesk FBX Interchange Format
FBZ BB FlashBack Screen Record Format
FBZ6 FinalBuilder Compressed Project
FBZ7 Compressed FinalBuilder 7 Project
FC13 FutureComposer Audio
FC14 FutureComposer Audio
FC2 Poser Face Pose Format
FC2MAP Far Cry 2 User Map Format
FCA Omnis Web Client
FCC SiteMinder Forms Credential Collector Format
FCD Virtual CD Backup Image Format
FCDT Adobe FormsCentral Form Template Format
FCE EDraw Max Format Format
FCF Final Draft Document Format
FCG FastCGI Script
FCGI FastCGI Script Format
FCHC Fetch Cache
FCHK Gaussian Checkpoint
FCHP Fetch Preference
FCL FidoCAD Library Format
FCM FCraft World Format
FCOD Adobe PageMaker Filter
FCP Final Cut Pro Project Format
FCPA Officer Cost Report Data
FCPR Officer Cost Report Data
FCPROJECT Final Cut Pro X Project Format
FCR Cost Report Data
FCS First Choice Spreadsheet
FCSTD FreeCAD Drawing Format
FCT FolderClone Task List Format
FCW FastCAD CAD Format
FCXE FileCapsule Deluxe Encoded
FCXR FileCapsule Deluxe
FCXU FileCapsule Deluxe
FCZ Poser Compressed Face Pose Format
FD DataFlex Field Offsets For Compiler
FD1 Windows Live Photo Gallery Thumbnail Database
FD2 Epson EasyPrint PictureMate Borders Format
FDA Warhammer 40,000 Audio Format
FDB Database Format
FDC Autodesk AutoCAD Field Catalogue Format
FDD Parallels Virtual Machine Floppy Disk Drive Image
FDE FLAMES Dataset Export
FDF Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Input Form
FDI Floppy Disk Image
FDK Fluentizer Fluent Dictionary
FDL Corel Paradox Secondary Index
FDLANG4 FeedDemon Language Resource
FDM Microsoft Exchange Server Form Message Format
FDML Forms Definition Markup Language
FDOC Microsoft XPS Document Settings
FDP FMOD Designer Project Format
FDPART Fresh Download Partial Downloaded
FDR Final Draft Document Format
FDRP Apple Mac OS Folder Alias
FDS FME Desktop Custom Format
FDSEQ XPS Document Related Data
FDSRCH2 FeedDemon Search Data
FDT Final Draft Script Attributes Format
FDU Natural Security
FDX Final Draft XML Document Format
FDXSL4 FeedDemon Newspaper Style
FDXT Final Draft 8 Template Format
FEATURE Microsoft Visual Studio SharePoint Feature Format
FEB Corel WordPerfect Figure Editor Button Bar
FEED-MS Microsoft Rss Feed Store
FEEDBACK Expression SketchFlow Feedback Format
FEEDSDB-MS Microsoft RSS Feeds Store
FES Fileless Occurrence Placeholder
FET Free Timetabling Software
FEV FMOD Audio Settings Format
FEX WebFOCUS FOCUS Web390 Procedure
FEXT Extensions Manager Preferences
FEZ FUND E-Z Backup Archive
FF Call Of Duty FastFile Format
FF0 RISC OS TIFF Bitmap Image
FF2 Hello Engines!
FF6 RISC OS Encapsulated PostScript
FF9 Acorn RISC OS Bitmap Image Sprite
FFA Find Fast Indexer Status Format
FFD FlashFiler Format
FFF Gravis Ultrasound PnP Bank Format
FFIL Mac OS X Data Fork Suitcase Format
FFINDEX FFmpegSource2 Media Index
FFL Find Fast Indexer Document List Format
FFN FIFA World Cup Game Data Fe Art
FFO Find Fast Indexer Document Properties Cache Format
FFPRESET FFmpeg Preset
FFS FME Desktop Feature Store Format
FFS_BATCH FreeFileSync Configuration
FFS_DB FreeFileSync Database
FFS_GUI FreeFileSync Configuration
FFS_REAL FreeFileSync Configuration
FFT Find Fast Indexer Format
FFU Windows Phone Full Flash Update
FFWP FormsForWeb Packet Format
FFX Find Fast Indexer Index Format
FG FaceGen Project Format
FG3 FX Graph Interactive Graph Format
FGA Folder Guard Attributes
FGB Valve SDK Source
FGC Greeting Card Factory Greeting Card
FGD Macromedia Director Graphic Format
FGDB Fontographer Mac
FGF Nav.Net NG Fusker Generator
FGL Fifth Generation Language (5GL) Source Code Format
FGP Folder Guard Passwords
FGR FRSGiftRegistry Database
FGT FreeGantt Skeleton
FGZ Formula Graphics Standalone Presentation Archive
FH Symantec Backup Exec Format
FH10 Adobe FreeHand 10 Drawing Format
FH11 Adobe FreeHand 11 Drawing Format
FH12 Adobe FreeHand Drawing
FH2 Adobe FreeHand Drawing
FH3 Adobe FreeHand Drawing
FH4 Adobe FreeHand Drawing
FH40 Adobe Freehand For Mac
FH5 Adobe FreeHand Drawing
FH50 Adobe Freehand Creator Code
FH6 Adobe FreeHand Drawing
FH7 Adobe FreeHand 7 Drawing Format
FH8 Adobe FreeHand 8 Drawing Format
FH9 Adobe FreeHand 9 Drawing Format
FHA3 Adobe Freehand For Mac
FHC Canute - FHC Data Format
FHD Adobe FreeHand Vector Drawing Format
FHD3 FreeHand
FHF Free Hide Folder Data Format
FHM ASIP Meister
FHS Adobe Flash Skin XML
FHX DeltaV Configuration
FHZ Adobe Robohelp ZIP Compressed Skin
FI Flash Image Image
FIB File Investigator
FIC WINDEV Hyper File Database
FID File Investigator Database Format
FIDO Kodak Cineon Image Format
FIF Fractal Image Format
FIFF Elekta Neuromag Data
FIG Xfig Drawing
FIL File List
FILA Aleph One Replay Format
FILE Generic Windows Format
FILELOC Apple Mac OS X Finder Internet Location
FILEPART WinSCP Temporary Download
FILE_CRCS Electronic Arts Origin Client
FILM Filmkey Player Media
FILTERS Microsoft Visual Studio VCX Project Filter Format
FIM Fractal Imaginator Data/Parameter
FIMPP FiM++ Source Code Format
FIN Corel WordPerfect Print Format Text
FIO Aldus PhotoStyler Graphics Filter
FIR FireOne Fireworks Show
FIRE FireStarter Project Format
FIRST Formatted Text
FIS Dynamite VSP Feature Interpretation Style
FIT Flexible Image Transport System Format
FITS Flexible Image Transport System Format
FIV File Investigator
FIZ FITS Graphics
FJL Rootkit.Win32.Agent.fjl Virus
FJSW Formulator Tarsia Jigsaw
FJV IGO Primo Map Related
FKC FBackup Catalog
FKD FotoKiss Photo Set Data
FKT KmPlot Data
FKY Visual FoxPro Macro Format
FL Adobe Flash Project Format
FL3 Flash 3D Format
FLA Editable Adobe Flash Movie Format
FLAC Audio Files Encoded By Flac - Free Lossless Audio Codec
FLAM3 Fractal Flames Format
FLAME Fractal Flames Format
FLB FileMaker Pro Label Format
FLC AutoDesk FLIC Format
FLEXOLIBRARY Final Cut Pro Library
FLF Microsoft Dynamics NAV License Format
FLG IsoPuzzle Flag Format
FLH FLIC Animation Format
FLI Autodesk Animator FLIC Animation Old Format
FLIC Autodesk Animator Animation
FLIPCHART ActivInspire Flipchart Format
FLI_ Autodesk Animator FLIC Animation Old Format
FLK Folder Lock Encrypted Format
FLKA Folder Lock Encrypted Portable Folder Format
FLKB Folder Lock Encrypted Folder Format
FLKW Folder Lock Encrypted
FLL Micrografx Designer Image Fill Pattern
FLM Adobe Premiere Filmstrip
FLMOD Freelancer Game Archive
FLN Flight Plan
FLO Micrografx FlowCharter Flowchart Format
FLOW Expression SketchFlow Data Format
FLP Floppy Disk Image
FLR Netscape Live3D Format
FLS Adobe Flash Lite Sound Bundle Format
FLST Adobe InDesign Format
FLT Autodesk Animator FLIC Format
FLT3 Adobe Filter
FLUX FluxTime Studio Clip
FLV Flash Video Format
FLVAT Downloaded Flash Video
FLW Freelance Flowchart
FLWA Folder Lock Wallet Format
FLX FelixCAD Drawing Format
FLY Digiflyer E-mail Document
FLZ MediaShow Data
FM FileMaker Pro Database Format
FM1 Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.x Spreadsheet
FM3 Lotus 1-2-3 Release 3.x Spreadsheet Format
FM5 FileMaker 5 Database Format
FMAP Family Atlas Pulbished Family Map
FMB WordPerfect For Win File Manager Button Bar
FMCF Adobe Type Manager Preferences
FMD Microsoft Access
FMDB BUILD-QUANT Object Database
FME FME Mapping Format
FMELIC FME License Format
FMF FaxMan Jr Fax
FMI FME Workbench Mapping Format
FMJ FaceMorpher Project
FMK FaxMaker
FMK$ FileMaker For Mac
FMK4 FileMaker For Mac
FML WWE RAW Character Format
FMO DBASE IV Compiled Format
FMOD Adobe Illustrator Flattening Module Format
FMP AutoCAD Font Map
FMP12 FileMaker Pro Database Format
FMP3 FileMaker Pro For Mac Document
FMPLUGIN FileMaker Pro Plug-in Format
FMPP FLAMES Model Prototype
FMPR FileMaker Pro Mac
FMPSL FileMaker Pro Database Snapshot Format
FMR BrainVoyager QX Project
FMS Lotus Freelance Graphics
FMT Database Format Format
FMTR FileMaker Transfer
FMV Bink Tools Full Motion Video Format
FMW FME Workspace Format
FMX FileMaker Pro Plug-in Format
FMXLIST FME Transformer List Format
FMXT FileMaker Pro Mac
FMZ Form-Z Project Format
FN3 Harvard Graphics 3.0 Font
FNA FASTA DNA And Protein Sequence Alignment
FNBK Food Network Recipe Manager Recipe Data Format
FNC Frogans Network Certificate
FND Microsoft Windows Explorer Saved Search Format
FNDR Xmap For Mac
FNET FileMaker Network
FNF Forte Notation
FNI FileNet IDM Viewer
FNK FunkTracker Module
FNL Microsoft Live Mesh
FNLF Novation Automap License Format
FNM Apache Lucene Field
FNN DOS Screen Text Font
FNO Atlast File Notes Organizer CSV Data
FNRECIPES Food Network Recipe Format
FNS Apple FontSyncScripting Font Profile
FNSP Apple FontSync Scripting
FNT Font Format
FNTA Marathon 2 Aleph One Font Format
FNX Fenix Key
FO XSL-FO Form Format
FO1 Borland Turbo C Font
FO2 Borland Turbo C Font
FOB Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) Attain Object Format
FOC FOCUS Database
FODG OpenDocument Flat XML Drawing
FODP OpenDocument Flat XML Presentation Format
FODS OpenDocument Flat XML Spreadsheet Format
FODT OpenDocument Flat XML Document Format
FOF EZ-Forms Filled Out Form
FOG4 Fontographer 4
FOL PFS First Choice Database Format
FOLDER Microsoft Windows Explorer Folder
FOLX Folx Download Format
FOM EZ-Forms Fill Out Master Form
FOMOD Fallout 3 Mod Format
FON Microsoft Windows Bitmap Font Format
FONT Font Data
FOP InfoZoom Protected Data Format
FOR Fortran Source Format
FORM Java Form
FORTH Forth Source Code
FOS Fallout 3 Saved Game Format
FOT Font Resource Format
FOTA Firmware Over-the-Air Format
FOUNTAIN Fountain Syntax
FOV MORSE Field Of View
FOX FoxBase FoxPro Executable Format
FP Microsoft FoxPro Configuration Format
FP2 Insaniquarium Deluxe Fish
FP3 FileMaker Pro Database Format
FP4 FileMaker Pro Database Format
FP5 FileMaker Pro Database Format
FP7 FileMaker Pro Database Format
FPA Front Panel Designer Encrypted Order Format
FPAGE Microsoft XPS Document Page
FPB FLAMES Playback Recorder
FPBF Mac OS X Finder Burnable Backup Archive
FPC FoxPro Catalog
FPD MicroSim PCBoard External ASCII Footprint Definition Format
FPE FPS Creator Entity Format
FPENC FileProtect Encrypted Format
FPF IKEA Home Planner Format
FPFV File Protected From Virus
FPG DIV Games Studio Multi Map Image Format
FPI FPS Creator Intelligence Script Format
FPID FPS Creator AI Wizard Data Format
FPIX FlashPix Bitmap Image
FPJ FARSITE Project Format
FPK Civilization IV Game Archive
FPKG Apple Mac OS X Installer Package
FPL Flitskikker Language
FPM FPS Creator Map Format
FPMB FPS Creator Map Buffer Format
FPMO FPS Creator Map Overlay Format
FPOP Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Saved Game
FPOS Photo Pos Pro Image Format
FPP FPS Creator Prefab Format
FPR Fruitypro Samples Humanize Presets Grooves
FPS FPS Creator Project Format
FPSL FileMaker Pro Snapshot Link
FPSX Symbian Firmware Flash Format
FPT FileMaker Pro Database Memo Format
FPW FoxPro Configuration
FPX Kodak FlashPiX Bitmap Image
FQC FAQ Creator Format
FQF FlashFXP Queue
FR French Language Translation
FR3 FastReport Form Format
FR4 Fractal Explorer Quaternion Spots In Internal Parametrical Format
FRA Adobe Framemaker
FRAG Microsoft XPS Document Fragment
FRAM Adobe Framemaker
FRAME Adobe FrameMaker Interchange Format
FRAMES The Iconfactory XScope Frame Format
FRAMEWORK Apple Mac OS X Application Framework Format
FRC Microsoft Flight Simulator FS Recorder Recorded Format
FRD Need For Speed Track Data
FRE FIFA 2002 Data Legal Screen
FRED FredEditor Sound
FREECELLSAVE-MS FreeCells Saved Game Format
FRELF Abbyy FineReader Engine License
FREQ SAM Frequency Model
FRESHCONTACT NAVIGON MobileNavigator Navigation
FRF FreeReports Template Format
FRG DBASE IV Uncompiled Report Format
FRI Firefox Bookmark Backup
FRJ FreeForm-J Project Format
FRK Apple Macintosh Resource Or Data Fork
FRL Formflow Electronic Form Loader
FRM MySQL Database Metadata Format
FRM16 Lionheart: Legacy Of The Crusader Game
FRO DBASE IV Compiled Report Format
FRP PerForm Or FormFlow Form
FRQ Bibexcel
FRR Mandelbrot Explorer Fractal Region Settings Format
FRS Corel WordPerfect Screen Font Resource Format
FRT Visual FoxPro Additional Report Description Format
FRV Microsoft FRx
FRW RollerCoaster Tycoon Fireworks Source
FRX Visual FoxPro Main Report Description Format
FRY Fryrender Export Format
FRZ Snes9x Saved State Format
FS Microsoft Visual F# Source Code Format
FS2 Descent FreeSpace 2 Game Format
FS5 Microsoft Flight Simulator Scenery
FS6 Microsoft Flight Simulator Panels
FSA FASTA DNA And Protein Sequence Alignment
FSB FMOD Audio Format
FSC FruityLoops Score Format
FSD COCO AmsterCHEM Flowsheet Document
FSF Microsoft Office Cache
FSG IBM Voice Type Languages Map Format
FSH Fragment Shader Format
FSI Microsoft Visual F# Signature Format
FSIF MyLabel Designer Deluxe Label Format
FSK FotoSketcher Parameter Preset
FSL Corel Paradox Compiled Form Format
FSM Farandole Composer WaveSample Music Format
FSN Greeting Card Factory Greeting Card
FSO Adobe Flash Media Server File System Object
FSP Fsplit Split
FSPROJ Microsoft Visual Studio Visual F# Project Format
FSQ CryENGINE Facial Editor Sequence Format
FSR File Substring Replacement Utility
FSS Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 Register Format
FSSAVE Flight Simulator Save Format
FSSCRIPT Microsoft Visual Studio F# Script Format
FST FL Studio Format
FSTAB File System Table
FSX Microsoft Visual Studio F# Script Format
FSY PhotoFantasy Image Picture
FSZ Fractal Zplot Data/parameter
FT Lotus Notes Full Test Index
FT10 Adobe FreeHand 10 Template Format
FT11 Adobe FreeHand 11 Template Format
FT30 Adobe PageMaker For Mac Filter
FT7 Adobe Freehand 7 Template Format
FT8 Adobe FreeHand 8 Template Format
FT9 Adobe FreeHand 9 Template Format
FTB Family Tree Maker Genealogy
FTC FluxTime Clip Format
FTCH Extensis Portfolio Image Database
FTD FFT Designer Project
FTF Sony Ericsson Xperia Android Firmware
FTG Microsoft Windows Help Format
FTH FileMaker Pro Theme Format
FTIL E-Hastakshar Contract Note Format
FTK Forensic Toolkit
FTL FreeMarker Template Format
FTM Micrografx Font Format
FTMB Family Tree Maker Backup
FTMT Family Tree Maker Chart Template
FTMX Finale Score Template
FTN Fortran Language Source Code Format
FTP FTP Configuration
FTPL Simfatic Forms Template
FTPLOC Apple Mac OS X Finder FTP Location Format
FTPQUOTA Ftpquota Format
FTS Flexible Image Transport System Format
FTV CA CleverPath Forest & Trees
FTW Family Tree Maker Format
FUD FairUse Wizard Data
FUJ Worm.Win32.AutoRun.fuj Virus
FUK Postal 2 Map
FUL Microsoft Backup File List
FULL Cygwin Variable Log
FUN Koolmoves
FUS GURU Uninstall Script
FV Fresh View Thumbnail Cache
FVE Windows BitLocker Full Volume Encryption
FVU File Validation Utility Input
FW Firmware Update Format
FW2 FrameWork Database
FW3 FrameWork III Database
FW4 Framework IV
FWB FileWrangler Data Backup
FWD Imail Server Forwarded Mail
FWDN FWriter Document
FWEB Fortran WEB
FWF Bentley InRoads Survey Feature Table
FWL FileWrangler EXE Library
FWP Frontpage Web Packages
FWS FileWrangler Data File For File Splitting Configuration
FWT FacetWin Configuration Format
FWX FoxWeb Script
FX DirectX D3DXEffect Object Format
FX2 Corel WordPerfect Office Template
FX3 Fugawi Map
FX4 Fugawi GPS Map
FXA OC3 FaceFX Actor Format
FXB Steinberg VST Audio Plug-in Format
FXC DIMDATA FilePackager Configuration Format
FXCB Crysis Shader Cache
FXCPROJ NVidia FX Composer Project Format
FXD FoxPro FoxDoc Support
FXF IBM BigFix Action Format
FXG Adobe Flash XML Graphics Format
FXH MetaTrader 4 Backup
FXI File-Ex Data
FXL FaceFX Batch Format
FXM Fuxoft AY Music Chip Language Format
FXML Oracle FXML Language Source Code
FXO WinFax Image Format
FXP Visual FoxPro Compiled Database Format
FXPL Adobe Flash Catalyst FXP Library Format
FXR Oracle Font Cross-reference
FXS WinFax Transmit Format Graphics Format
FXT Finale Plug-in Format
FXTC Adobe After Effects Project
FXW ESignal
FXY Fortron Embroidery Format
FYC ESignal
FZ Fritzing Project Format
FZA Form-Z Autosave Format
FZB Casio FZ-1 Bank Dump
FZF Casio FZ-1 Full Dump
FZIP Foxit Reader Add-on Format
FZP Fritzing Part Format
FZV Casio FZ-1 Voice Dump Format
FZY LexisNexis Concordance Fuzzy
FZZ Fritzing Data Format
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