Formati dei file comminciando per la lettera O
Estensione del file Nome completo del file
O Object Format
O01 Typhoon Voice
O2C Objects To See 3D
O8G OCTGN Game Definition
O8O Mediator 5 Repository Tabs Vorlagen.006
OAB Microsoft Outlook Offline Address Book Format
OAD Suite Notaro Document
OAF Microsoft Flight Simulator Texture
OAM Adobe Edge Overlay Format
OAP Samsung Bada Signed Installation Package
OAR OpenSimulator Archive Format
OAS Microsoft Outlook Attachment Sniffer
OAT Google Android RunTime Code
OAV Microsoft Flight Simulator Texture
OAW OpenArchitectureWare Workflow
OAZ NetFax Manager OAZ Fax Image
OB IBM LinkWay Object
OB! Orbit Downloader Incomplete Download Format
OB3 ABF Software Outlook Backup Backup
OB5 TopLang OE Backup
OBAK WinSQL Offline Backup
OBB Google Android Opaque Binary Blob Format
OBD Microsoft Office Binder Document Format
OBF OsmAnd Offline GPS Vector Maps
OBG ZBrush Mesh
OBI Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010/2013 RSS Subscription Format
OBJ 3D Object Format
OBJX Metatools Object Bryce Support
OBK OrCAD Capture Design Or Library
OBL TrueSpace
OBML Opera Mini Saved Web Page Format
OBML15 Opera Mini 5.1 Saved Web Page
OBP Bryce Object Format
OBPACK ObjectBar Theme Pack
OBR Borland C++ Object Browser Data
OBS WAsP Obstacle List
OBT Openbox Theme Format
OBV 3D Photo Browser Thumbnail Cache
OBW Toontrack Superior Drummer Audio Format
OBX Rational XDE
OBYX Obyx Control
OBZ Compressed 3D Object Format
OC3 OpenCanvas 3 Event Format
OC4 OpenCanvas 4 Event Format
OC5 OpenCanvas 5 Event Format
OC9 OrgCon Organization
OCA Custom Control Library Type Format
OCAMLMAKEFILE Caml Programming Language Makefile
OCB Origin Precompiled Origin C
OCC Oceanic DataPool Format
OCD OCAD Digitized Map Format
OCDC Mathematica Document
OCDF OneClickDigital Mp3 Audio Book
OCE Open Catalog Extension Connection Format
OCF OM2 Cipher
OCG Osprey Custom Graph
OCI OpenCanvas Image Format
OCM Netscape Communicator Aim
OCP Advanced Art Studio Image
OCR FaxGrapper FAX Transcribed Text Format
OCT RADIANCE Octree Format
OCTEST Xcode Objective-C Unit Test Bundle
OCV OCV Training Data
OCX ActiveX Control Format
OC_ Compressed ActiveX Control
OD Mascotte Mascopt Request Format
OD1 Omnis 5 Database
OD2 Omnis 5 Database
OD3 Omnis Studio Database
OD4-9 Omnis5 Database
ODB ArcView Object Database ASCII Format
ODC OpenDocument Format
ODCCUBEFILE OpenDocument 1
ODCNEWFILE Microsoft Office Data Connection
ODCTABLEFILE Microsoft Office
ODE Microsoft Office
ODEX Google Android Optimized Executalbe
ODF Open Document Interchange Format (ODIF)
ODG OpenDocument Drawing Format
ODH Microsoft Visual Studio Interface Definition Language
ODI Image Format
ODIF Open Document Interchange Format
ODL Object Description Language Format
ODM OpenDocument Global Text Document Format
ODO ICUBE Online Operating System Write Document Format
ODP OpenDocument Presentation Format
ODS OpenDocument Spreadsheet Format
ODT ODF Text Document Format
ODT# Locked Document
ODTPC Oracle User Productivity Kit Presentation
ODTTF Microsoft Office Document Embedded Font
ODV Ocean Data View Data
ODX Microsoft BizTalk Server Diagram Format
OD_ Oracle Compressed Driver
OEACCOUNT Windows Mail Account Settings Format
OEB Open EBook Format
OECL Open EDA Component Library
OEF Optim Export
OEM OEM Install Data Format
OEMIGACCOUNT Outlook Express Temporary
OET ESignal Order Entry Ticket
OEX Opera Add-on Format
OFA Kodak OfotoNow
OFB Oxygen Forensic Suite Backup
OFC Open Financial Connectivity Format
OFD ObjectView Form Definition
OFF DEC 3D Object File Format
OFFICEUI Microsoft Office UI Customization
OFL OtsTurntables Playlist
OFM Adobe PostScript Font Description Format
OFN MS Office File New (Other Office Documents)
OFP Objecteering Project
OFR OptimFROG Encoded Audio
OFS OptimFROG Dualstream
OFT Microsoft Outlook Template Format
OFX Open Financial Exchange Format
OGA Ogg Vorbis Audio Profile Format
OGD Oracle Forms Graph
OGF S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Model Format
OGG Ogg Vorbis Audio Format
OGL ATI Overlay Source Code
OGM Ogg Vorbis Media Format
OGNC Dynamic Web Page Format
OGO Origin Graphic Object
OGR OGR C++ Open Source Library
OGS Origin Script Format
OGV Ogg Vorbis Video Format
OGW OriginLab Worksheet
OGX Ogg Vorbis Multiplex Profile
OGZ Cube 2 Sauerbraten Map Format
OH DrillAssistant List
OH4 Overhoor List
OHS Bink Outbound History
OHW Overhoor DrillAssistant List
OIF QuickBase Web-sharable Database Interchange
OIL Open Image Library Format Image Format
OJP 3WayPack
OK Qedit
OKM OkMap Map Defining
OKOZO Okozo Desktop Animation
OKR PowerRecover One Key Recovery
OKS OKScript
OKT Oktalyzer Music Module (MOD) Format
OKX OKScript
OL Valve Hammer Object Layout
OLA Online Access Format
OLB Microsoft Office OLE Object Library Format
OLB2 CanOpener Library
OLD Backup Plus Backup Format
OLE Microsoft Object Linking And Embedding
OLE2 Microsoft Office Binary Document Container Format
OLF OyezForms Legal Documents
OLK Microsoft Outlook Address Book Format
OLK14CATEGORY Microsoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Category Format
OLK14CONTACT Microsoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Contact Format
OLK14DBHEADER Microsoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Database
OLK14EVENT Outlook Calendar Event Format
OLK14FOLDER Microsoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Folder
OLK14GROUP Outlook Group Format
OLK14MAILACCOUNT Microsoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Mail Account Settings Format
OLK14MESSAGE Microsoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Message Format
OLK14MSGATTACH Microsoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Message Attachment
OLK14MSGSOURCE Microsoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Message Source Format
OLK14NOTE Outlook Note Format
OLK14PREF Microsoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Preferences Format
OLK14RECENT Microsoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Recent Address
OLK14RULE Microsoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Rule
OLK14SCHEDULE Microsoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Schedule
OLK14SEARCH Microsoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Saved Search
OLK14SIGNATURE Microsoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Signature Format
OLK14TASK Outlook Task Format
OLK14UID Microsoft Outlook 2011 For Mac UID
OLL TrialDirector Load
OLM Microsoft Outlook For Mac Data Format
OLN Microsoft Visual C++ Outline Examples
OLPROJ Adobe OnLocation
OLS Microsoft Office List Shortcut
OLT Orbit Downloader Download List Format
OLV Roller Coaster Tycoon
OLY AFP Advanced Function Presentation Overlay Resource
OMA Sony OpenMG Music Format
OMC Origin Customized Menu
OMCS Office Manager Access Format
OMD MapInfo Routing J Server Data
OMEG Mathematica For Mac
OMF Open Media Framework Format
OMFI Open Media Framework
OMG O&O DiskImage Backup Format
OML TracePro Model
OMN Omnipotent Collection
OMO OMake Object Format
OMOD Oblivion Mod Manager Mod Format
OMP Office Manager Pro Document Archive
OMR OMR Template
OMS Order Maven
OMT SITH HLA Object Model Template
OMX OtsAV Media Library Information Format
ON2 On2 Encoded FLV
OND Lotus Notes Format
ONE Microsoft OneNote Document Format
ONECACHE Microsoft OneNote Cache
ONEPKG Microsoft OneNote Package Format
ONETMP Microsoft OneNote Temporary
ONETOC Microsoft OneNote Table Of Contents
ONETOC2 Microsoft OneNote Table Of Contents Format
ONM Outdoor Navigator Map
ONT TheWord Module Format
ONTX TheWord Encrypted Module Format
ONX OnyxGrass Image
OO3 Omni Group Outliner 3 Format
OOG PyGraph Python Graphics Interface Object Oriented Graphics
OOGL Geomview Object Oriented Graphics Library
OOK Arachne Batch Script Format
OOS Spreadsheet
OOT Text
OP ESignal OptionsPlus
OP2 Outpost 2 Saved Game
OP4 Nastran Output
OPA Fly! RAW Image Opacity Map
OPAL Microsoft Office Customization Tool (OCT) Language-specific Settings
OPAX Microsoft Office Customization Tool (OCT) Standard Settings
OPB Bryce Object
OPC Microsoft Office 97 Upgrade Control
OPD Durango Interferometry Software Document Format
OPDOWNLOAD Opera Next Incomplete Download
OPEF OmniPass Encrypted Folder
OPENBSD OpenBSD Readme Format
OPF Open Packaging Format
OPG Offline Plan Generation Package
OPI Adlib OCR Processing Information
OPJ OrCAD Capture Project Format
OPK Sinking Island/LIle Noyée Game
OPLC Nokia Logo Format
OPLM Outline Processor Markup Language
OPML OPML Outline Processor Markup Language File Format
OPN Court Opinion
OPPC Space Marine Game Resource Package
OPQ Eschalon: Book I Game
OPR OPRO X Browser
OPS Microsoft Office Profile Settings Format
OPT MySQL Database Data Format
OPTIONS SE-SOFT Configuration Format
OPTS Linux Configuration Options Format
OPUS Opus Audio Format
OPW OrgPlus For Windows Organization Chart
OPX Microsoft Office Organization Chart File Format
OPXT OrpPlus Template
OPY OptiY Model
OP_ GKSetup Support
OQY Microsoft Excel OLAP Query Format
OR2 Lotus Organizer 2 Format
OR3 IBM Lotus Organizer 97 Format
OR4 Lotus Organizer Data Format
OR5 IBM Lotus Organizer Format
OR6 Lotus Organizer Data Format
OR8 Rational Rose Oracle8 Database Model Report
ORA Oracle Database Parameter Configuration Format
ORB Original EBook Reader Ebook
ORC CSound Orchestra Midi Format
ORDEREDTEST Microsoft Visual Studio Ordered Test Format
ORE Ore Executable Format
ORF Olympus Digital Camera Raw Image Format
ORG Lotus Organiser Format
ORG2+ Lotus Organizer
ORI Original Format
ORIG Original Format
ORIGINAL Netobjects Fusion Components Bbscomp Message
ORK Warhammer Mark Of Chaos Game Archive
ORL Object-Relational Language
ORMDESIGNER ORM Designer Project
ORS DSP Group TrueSpeech Audio Format
ORT COREX Orthographic Transcriptions Format
ORV Oracom Video Format
ORX RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server Database Schema
ORZ Holic Game
OS ObjectScript Source Format
OS2 Os2 System
OS3 OS/2 Warp 3
OSA W32/Sober-AD
OSAS Apple Script Library Tani Script
OSAX FindFile OSAX Mac Format Type
OSB OpenStreetMap Binary Map Format
OSBX OneSafe Exported Backup
OSC Remote Installation Services Client Installation Wizard Format
OSCD TouchOSC Interface Editor Template
OSD Open Software Description
OSDX Microsoft Windows Search Connector Format
OSF Descent 3 Sound
OSK Osu! Skin Format
OSL OckamSoft Log
OSM OpenStreetMap Data Format
OSP OpenShot Project Format
OSR Osu! Game Replay Format
OSS Microsoft Office Saved Search Format
OST Microsoft Outlook Inbox Off-line Folder Format
OSU Osu! Dialog Format
OSX Apple Mac OS PowerPC Executable Format
OSZ Osu! Beatmap Format
OT TheWord Text Module Format
OTA OTA Bitmap Format
OTB Nokia OTA Bitmap Format
OTC OpenDocument Chart Template Format
OTD OpenIV Texture Data
OTF OpenType Font File Format
OTG Graphics Document Template
OTH OpenDocument HTML Text Template
OTI OpenDocument Image Template Format
OTL Super NoteTab Template Format
OTLN Opal Outline Format
OTM Microsoft Outlook Macro Format
OTP Presentation Template Format
OTRKEY OTRKEY Encoded Video Format
OTS OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template Format
OTT Text Document Template Format
OTV Rotor-Disc OTV Kit OTV Calibration
OTX TheWord Encrypted Module Format
OTZ OpenLP Theme Format
OUT Output Format
OUTLINE FontTwister Letter Outline
OUTLOOK97 Microsoft Outlook Custom Mail
OUX Bibexcel
OV OpenInsight Database Overflow
OV1 Overlay
OV2 TomTom Navigator Point Of Interest Format
OV3 Overlay
OV4 Overlay
OV5 Overlay
OVA Open Virtual Machine Format
OVD ObjectVision Data
OVE Overture Music Score Format
OVF Open Virtualization Format Package
OVG ObjectVision Converted Graphic
OVH OMSI Bus Settings
OVL Overlay Format
OVP The Overlay Maker Package Format
OVPN OpenVPN Config Format
OVR Overlay Format
OVS Ovation 1 Style Sheet
OVW Logic Pro Overview Format
OW Free Pascal For Windows Object Format
OWC OutWit Hub OutWit Catch Db Format
OWG OutWit Hub OutWit Gear Outwit Thesaurus Db Format
OWL OWL (Obfuscated Weird Language) Source Code Format
OWM OutWit Hub OutWit Mashup XML Format
OWR PeopleSoft Results Archive
OWS Web Studio Project
OWT OneWorldTree
OX Ox Object-Oriented Matrix Programming Language
OXD PS3 Proxy Server
OXF IBM Rational Rhapsody
OXO Ox Object-Oriented Matrix Programming Language
OXPS Windows 8 OpenXPS Document Format
OXT Extension Help Format
OXYGENE Oxygene Project Format
OYX IBM Lotus Approach Alternate Database Index Format
OYZ Lotus Approach Alternate DBASE Index
OZ Opera Job Management Compressed Format
OZF2 OziExplorer Map
OZFX3 OziExplorer Image
OZJ Mu Online Graphic
OZP Orgadata LogiKal
OZT Mu Online Texture
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